On July 22, 2017, Client came to see me because his conditional 2-Year Green Card expired that day! Many of you already know that the Government requires a person to apply for a 10-Year Green Card within 90 days of the expiration date on the card. If a person fails to apply before the expiration date, the Government immediately begins deportation proceedings against the person by issuing a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court! As you can imagine, my Client (and his wife) were very concerned about Client possibly getting deported. The Government will only accept a late application in rare cases and for good cause

We had to immediately get to work. For several days, I worked closely with Client and his wife to gather the right evidence. But I didn’t stop there. I went above and beyond by drafting declarations, a detailed memo explaining that Client and his wife have a bona fide marriage, a detailed letter explaining why the application is late and presented arguments for why the Government should forgive Client for the late filing, and many more supporting evidence. I had to creatively put together a very convincing argument and package so that Client would avoid deportation proceedings.

On August 1st (10 days after Client came to see me), I finished my work and mailed the package to Immigration Services that day. They received the package on Thursday, August 3th. On Monday, August 7th, Client received a letter from Immigration Services saying they have approved the late filing, his Green Card is now valid for another year, and he may travel and work lawfully in the U.S.! Client is quite relieved that he can carry on with his life without the fear of deportation. Over the next few months, the Government will review the application and conduct a background check on Client. If everything goes well, Client will receive his 10-Year Green Card!

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