Inadmissibility Grounds

Foreign nationals, nonimmigrants living in the U.S. and Lawful Permanent Residents face issues of inadmissibility. Foreign nationals face this issue when they seek to enter the U.S.  Nonimmigrants living in the U.S. face inadmissibility issues when they seek to adjust their status to a Lawful Permanent Resident (or “green card holder”). Lawful Permanent Residents are confronted by this issue under certain circumstances. Immigration laws are very specific about the grounds of inadmissibility.

Under INA Section 212, people may be found inadmissible based on the following grounds:

  • Health grounds (communicable diseases, lack of vaccinations, mental or physical disorder, drug addition)

  • Alien smuggling

  • Fraud or misrepresentation

  • False claim of U.S. citizenship

  • Immigration violations

  • Crime-related grounds

  • Public charge

Nonimmigrants living in the U.S. and Lawful Permanent Residents are subject to removal if they are found inadmissible.

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