Have a foreign employee that you want to bring to the U.S. temporarily or permanently?

The Law Office of LaToya N. McBean can guide you through the process of obtaining a work visa for your foreign employee or yourself (if eligible). We provide the below services:

Nonimmigrant Visas (temporary stays in the U.S.)

  • E-1: treaty trader
  • E-2: treaty investor
  • H-1B: speciality occupations
  • H-2B: non-agricultural workers
  • H-3: nonimmigrant trainee or special education visitor
  • L-1A: intracompany managers/executives
  • L-1B: intracompany specialized knowledge employees
  • O-1: arts, sciences, education, business or athletics with extraordinary credentials
  • R-1: temporary religious worker
  • TN: Canadian or Mexican citizens engaged in business activities


Immigrant Visas (permanent residency)

  • EB-1: persons with Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Researchers, Multinational Executives and Managers
  • EB-2: persons with Exceptional Ability, Advanced Degree Professionals, National Interest Waiver
  • EB-3: professionals or skilled workers
  • EB-4: religious workers
  • EB-5: investors

Watch the below videos to learn more about employment Immigrant Visas:

EB-1 Priority Workers 

EB-2 Advanced Degrees

EB-2 Exceptional Ability & National Interest Waiver

EB-3 Professionals, Skilled Workers & Other Workers

Click here to watch other videos on employment-based pathways to a Green Card.

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